Spot Welding Buying Guide

The Sealey Buyer Guide to Spot Welding

Spot Welders are generally used for car bodywork repairs. They are designed to join two pieces of steel, under 2mm thick, by clamping them between the welder’s two electrodes. An electrical current then passes through them to fuse the steel together.

Due to the high currents required, most require a 16 or 25Amp power supply. The copper electrodes are available in a variety of lengths and angles to gain access to awkward to reach areas.

This method of a weld is very quick and clean and does not create many sparks. It imitates the type of weld that would have been used when the vehicle was built.

Mig Welders can also be used to create a spot weld. This method is more commonly used for home repairs and restoration.

Warranty - Sealey Spot welders are covered by a 1-year parts and labour warranty.

Safety First! Spot Welders create very hot temperatures and can create sparks which could seriously damage your eyes. Therefore, it is essential that the right safety equipment is worn.

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Please refer to our guide on PPE: Personal Protection Equipment.