Sealey Award Winning Products

At Sealey we are continuously aiming to supply you with the best products available and many have been recognised as being the best in their class. Take a look at our product awards below...


March 2019

Fine Tooth Ratchet Screwdriver & Accessory Set 38pc

It includes the widest range of metric sockets, spanning 5-13mm, but the driver itself cinched the win...


February 2019

Sealey E5188 Multi-purpose Rotary Tool Set

The tool was well made and the slight 'kick' to the design at the back made it comfortable to use. The top mounted rotary sped selector offers six options but, even at its highest speed, it remained smooth and quiet.


February 2019

Sealey Premier 136-Piece Mechanics Toolkit

Full-time mechanic Mike Smith at MJ Motors chose this toolkit as his favorite. It's easy to see why. The sturdy storage case securely holds all 136 tools inside with labelled locations. All this makes for a sound investment with a good range of tools.


January 2019

Rechargeable Slim Folding Inspection Lamp 12 + 1 SMD LED Lithium-ion

The Sealey offers the better mix of performance, versatility and price.


August 2018

Trolley Jack 2tonne Low Entry Short Chassis

It was the only one with spare seals - handy as the jack ages. Its 60mm saddle is the biggest here, and the 505mm handle took some of the effort from pumping. With 17 strokes to 200mm.


July 2018

Video Borescope Ø9mm Camera

THE NEW Sealey Video Borescope is a standard pistol device which comes with a 4GB micro SD card and 9mm camera. It was instictive to use, the simple controls on the top proving easy to understand. A fine all-rounder that takes the win here.


June 2018

5W CREE XPG LED Rechargeable Head Torch with Auto Sensor

A useful feature is the motion sensor, which when set, allows the torch to be switched on and off by waving a hand in front of the lens.


June 2018

Rechargeable 360° Inspection Lamp 2W COB + 1W LED Red Lithium-Polymer

The one feature that really sells this lamp is its magnetic swivel base. It has a ball and socket design, so the top half of the lamp can be manoeuvred to any angle.


April 2018

Foldable Mechanic's Mat with Headrest

The fixed headrest made it ideal for under-car use, plus the twin Velcro straps and two carry handles meant it was easy to transport and store.


April 2018

Foldable Under-Bonnet Cordless 40 SMD LED Rechargeable Lamp - Lithium-ion

Sealey's LED136 Our LED136 foldable under bonnet light is ideal for carrying onboard a vehicle or transporting to a repair. The build quality is good, both ends with soft padded hooks can be extended and the entire light is slim and lightweight. Its price is competitive, so Car Mechanics magazine thinks it deserves a Recommended Product Award.


March 2018

Rechargeable Slim Folding Inspection Lamp 12 + 1 SMD LED Lithium-ion

The LED180's narrow row of SMD LEDs gives out an incredibly bright, even and wide beam. Getting the light exactly where you need it is a doddle.


March 2018

Trolley Jack 3tonne SUPER ROCKET LIFT

Super Rocket Lift feels well planted in use, offering stability and plenty of lift from few full strokes of the handle.