The NEW Sealey Exhibition Unit

The brand new Sealey Exhibition Unit is a refitted 40ft container which has been ingeniously converted into a plush show room for use at trade shows and events. It contains over 1000 of Sealey’s most popular selling items and is laden with new products from our range.

The unit is pre-loaded before departure from HQ with Sealey products which are placed in their final display positions. It is then ready to be opened up and unveiled upon arrival. This unit completely eradicates the need for shipping boxes and pallets of products to trade show venues across the country, with the inconvenience of then having to set up an entire stand and then dispose of all the packaging. The Sealey Exhibition Unit completely streamlines the process of attending trade shows and events, and is a much more consistent, efficient and pleasant trade show experience for Sealey and all their customers.