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Step-by Step Guides

We have taken the most commonly asked questions and turned them into simple step-by-step, easy to follow instructional videos. Below is a selection of our most popular videos, along with the complete playlist. If there is a video that you would like to see, please email and let us know.

Sealey E/Start Tutorial Covering all Models
This video shows how to use these ingenious, batteryless jump starters that boost the remaining voltage in a discharged battery to start your vehicle.

Sealey VS7002 Cam/Crankshaft Oil Seal Removal/Installation Kit
This guide demonstrates the simplicity of this comprehensive kit which allows you to remove and install engine cam/crankshaft oil seals with ease.

Sealey VSE127H05 Ball Joint Removal/Installation Adapter Set
Step-by-step guide to the removal and replacement of the Mercedes Sprinter front ball joint using this comprehensive kit.

How To Guides - Video Playlist