Sealey to be First Brand Offered on MAM Software’s Catalogue System

Sealey, the country’s leading distributor of workshop tools and equipment, are to be the first brand offered on MAM Software’s catalogue system, enabling Motor Factors to browse their extensive catalogue of tools and products from within the new Autocat accessories catalogue.

The new system allows images, specification and pricing to be integrated into a single view, giving users a rich view of product information and guiding informed choice of the right product from inside the Autocat environment.

Tim Thompson, Sealey’s Commercial Director said “This is an exciting development for both Sealey and MAM. It puts the entire contents of Sealey’s massive catalogue at the fingertips of the distributor enabling them to win more business, more of the time.”

If you are already an Autocat user, but don’t have an account with Sealey, contact them on 01284 727500 or

For further information regarding Autocat, or to add the accessories catalogue to an existing Autocat subscription, please contact MAM Software on

01226 352901 or