Product Safety Notices

Product Safety - Model No CD2013TT

It has been brought to our attention that the above heater may be subject to a potential issue. We have identified some units where the fan unit has not been sufficiently welded to the chassis of the heater. In some isolated instances this has led to failure of the welds causing the fan unit to fall onto the heating element. In view of this potential risk, we have taken the decision to instigate a product return program so we can check each model.

How Do I Know If I Have An Affected Model?

The model number CD2013TT.V3 can be found either on the packaging, product label on the side panel (as shown in the image) or in the instruction manual. This only affects batch number 032469-6 and no other models.

Should neither be readily accessible, or you have concerns you might have an affected model, then please contact us here.

What Should I Do Next?

We would appreciate your cooperation to immediately locate and return the above product and return your unit/s to the distributor where you purchased it from. Returned heaters will be inspected by our engineers and any that are found to have the above-mentioned issue will be replaced. Any found to be in full working order will be immediately returned.

We take the safety of our products very seriously and appreciate your efforts in helping us to resolve this issue.