Modern Slavery Act Statement for the financial year 2018

In line with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (“the Act”) this statement, which has been approved by the Board of Directors, sets out the steps that Jack Sealey Ltd. (“Sealey”) are taking to ensure that slavery or human trafficking is not operating within either its own business or its supply chain.

Jack Sealey Ltd is a distributor of hand and power tools and associated equipment, and trades under the leading brands of Sealey and Siegen. In addition to our main UK sales base, we distribute to more than 25 other countries, and offer more than 10,500 main product lines through UK dealers and export distributors.

We source our products from factories in several countries and this includes hand and power tools, vehicle testing and diagnostics, engineering tools, garage equipment and consumables, plus many associated products. In all of its dealing with these suppliers Sealey strive to ensure that the highest ethical standards are reached. As part of this ongoing obligation, there is increased focus on the requirement for a long term commitment by those suppliers to eradicate any slavery and human trafficking in their own businesses and their supply chain.
An assessment of Sealey direct suppliers in the UK has presented us with no immediate concern, and these are considered to pose minimal risk in terms of non-compliance with the Act. With regards to those suppliers based abroad, or suppliers that source goods from high risk countries outside the UK, the manufacturing environments of our products are not always visible. In such cases ongoing investigation into these areas would be undertaken as considered necessary. As part of such investigation Sealey will request written undertakings from those suppliers in order to satisfy itself of their ongoing ability to comply with the Act both in regards to their own activities, but also that of their supply chain.

Sealey’s existing Code of Conduct for its buyers is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure its relevance and compliance with the Act. Our training programme for buyers includes compliance with the Act and how it can be evaluated and monitored in order to mitigate the risks within the supply chain. As part of their discussions and negotiations with current and potential suppliers, our buyers ask questions of each supplier as to what steps are being taken to ensure compliance with the Act by that supplier and further down their supply chain. Audits of the required documentation is part of our standard practice during buying visits by Sealey staff from the UK and based at our Shanghai representative office.

Mark Sweetman
For and on behalf of the Board of Directors