Troubleshooting Guide

Hydraulic Jacks

According to current legislation, no hydraulic jack needs a test certificate. Broadly speaking, if a lifting device hoists from above then the Health and Safety at Work Executive Test Certificate is required. If it lifts from below, then such a certificate is not required by law. Please be aware that it is within the rights of insurance companies to insist that a test certificate is provided for any product they so choose. This is quite distinct from what is required by law. Any customer requiring a test certificate for a jack in order to satisfy their insurance company can obtain such a certificate by having the product tested by any authorised lifting gear testing station. These companies can be found by searching "Lifting Gear" in a directory or on-line.

Is Your Hydraulic Jack Malfunctioning?

First, check that the handle is correctly located into the jack socket. In some cases you can remove the screw pin and check if there are any marks on the handle near the slot. If the material is scored, then you can be sure the handle was incorrectly located and this could cause the jack to drop slowly. Correct instructions for locating the handle are shown on the handle itself. The pin must be located in the slot.

Test For Air In The System

With all hydraulic jacks test for air in the system, or dirt on the valve seat by opening the valve and pumping the hydraulic mechanism 10 or 20 times with the valve open. This will flush oil over the valve seat and purge air from the system at the same time. Very often this is all that is required.

How To Bleed Your Jack

Structural damage to a jack very rarely occurs and when it does it is generally due to movement of load or unsafe location of saddle or wheels. In these cases, the customer's insurance company should be notified in writing immediately. Please be aware that accidental damage cannot be considered as a warranty matter.

Sealey Trolley Jack Oil Top up Procedure

Sealey Trolley Jack Bleeding Procedure

Hydraulic Cranes

All hydraulic cranes, when delivered by us, are packed with Declaration of Conformity, which refers to British Standards ref BS EN 12644 and this is evidence of the type of approval for the crane.

A safety at Work Inspector or insurance assessor can ask for a load test certificate. Such a load test is at the customer’s expense and should be arranged locally. A serial number marked on the crane is now no longer applicable and if required may be added at first test.

Mig Welders

Regular Changing of Consumable Parts
Please be aware that MIG welders require regular changing of consumable parts. Tips, gas cups and liners particularly require regular replacement. If they are not changed, undue stress can be placed on to other components in the machine. Before returning machines for repair, please check these consumable parts are in good working order. In some cases it may only require a replacement consumable part to put the machine back into a first-class working condition again. Accidental damage and normal wear and tear to torches and hoses is, of course, not covered by the warranty.

Paraffin/Diesel/Kerosene Heaters

Regular Changing of Consumable Parts
Please be aware that heaters require regular changing of consumable parts. Filters, electrodes and nozzles need regular cleaning or replacing, full details can be found in the operating instructions. If not serviced correctly, heaters will suffer poor combustion which could lead to unreliability, excessive fuel consumption and even fumes. In most cases it may only require a replacement consumable part to put the machine back into a first-class working condition again.

Fuel Condition
Fuel condition and type is vitally important. Diesel is only suitable down to 0 degrees Celsius, if the temperature drops below this you must use either kerosene or paraffin. Also dirty fuel will cause potentially expensive component failure.

A yearly summer service back with Sealey is a great idea, it will help prolong the life of the machine and also help ensure it is reliable when you really need it. Heaters returned for servicing must be drained of fuel prior to shipment.

Sealey Space Warmer Heaters, Model No's AB708, AB1258, AB7081

Sealey Space Heater, Troubleshooting for AB1008, AB1258, AB1758, AB2158


All our starter/chargers are equipped with overload and polarity protection fuses. The start facility should only be used for 8-10 seconds maximum. If the vehicle does not start in this time then the fuse in the starter/charger (depending on its amperage rating) will probably blow. We recommend that before returning starter/chargers to us for repair you examine the fuse and see if it requires replacing.

Plasma Cutters

As with MIG welders, these machines require a large number of consumable parts. Accidental damage to torches and hoses is not covered by warranty, and keeping stock of consumables for the torch is recommended.

Electric Power Tool