One Battery fits all Multi-purpose system

Introducing an adaptable combination of tools that cover a multitude of tasks

One Battery fits all range - Body Only

(Batteries and Charger must be ordered separately)


Cordless Hammer Drill Drivers can deliver greater levels of torque at higher speeds when compared to a standard cordless drill. With 18 torque settings it enables the user to adjust the amount of power being delivered when inserting fixings.


Cordless Impact Wrenches are a quick automatic solution for tightening and loosening fixings. With a high torque of 230Nm and powerful impact it can substantially reduce service times. Use of a variable speed trigger provides control.


Cordless Impact Driver, specialising in inserting and removing screws, bolts or large fasteners including drilling holes. Capable of driving large fixings into tough materials with ease. Powerful 180Nm torque, ideal for repetitive drilling and driving.


Powerful, lightweight Cordless Recipricating Saw, suitable for cutting through wood, board and soft metals with ease. This tool has a variable speed control trigger which allows you to select the ideal stroke rate of the saw blade. Features quick change blade.


Random Orbital Sanders do not create a regular pattern which elimates cross-grain scratching. Variable speeds allow more control and less aggressive material removal. Hook and Loop sanding disks provide a quick change, enabling you to work more efficiently.


A versatile Oscillating Multi-Tool that manages a vast range of tasks including; sanding, grinding, scraping, sawing and cutting. Featuring a variable speed control of 5,000-20,000 oscillations per minute which enables you to work with a variety of materials.