All Sealey products are covered by a minimum of 1-year parts and labour guarantee.

Extended guarantees are also available free of charge on many products subject to the purchase being registered at

These products are as follows:

Hand Tools

All Premier and Siegen Hand Tools are covered by a no-quibble lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Our no quibble lifetime warranty covers individual items within sets.

Excludes TRX-Star* T40 bits, breaker bar knuckles, drill bits, cutting blades and taps and dies.

Repair kits will be sent out for most ratchet wrenches.


Lifetime replacement parts guarantee on our Extra-Heavy-Duty SG Iron Professional Mechanic’s Vices.

5-Year replacement parts warranty on our All-Steel Vices.

2-Year replacement parts warranty on Economy versions.


Arc & MIG Welders

3-Year parts and labour guarantee on main power transformer of Arc and MIG Welders.

Premier Air Tools

2-Year parts and labour guarantee on Premier Air Tools.

Premier Electric Power Tools

2-Year parts and 3-Year labour guarantee on Premier Electric Power Tools.

Heavy-Duty Sack Trucks

3-Year parts and labour guarantee on our Heavy-Duty range of Sack Trucks.

Excludes wheels.

Tyre Inflators

3-Year parts and labour guarantee on SA37/93B and SA37/96B.

2-Year parts and labour guarantee on SA37/93, SA37/94, SA37/95, SA390 and SA394.

1-Year parts and labour guarantee for all other models.


2-Year replacement guarantee on SCW2, 3, 4 and 5 series Castors.

1-Year replacement guarantee for all other models.

Please note that guarantee claims must be made via the place of purchase where you may need to provide proof of purchase.