All Sealey products are covered by a minimum of 1-year parts and labour guarantee.

Extended guarantees are also available free of charge on many products subject to the purchase being registered at

These products are as follows:

Hand Tools

All Premier and Siegen Hand Tools are covered by a no-quibble lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Our no quibble lifetime warranty covers individual items within sets.

Excludes TRX-Star* T40 bits, breaker bar knuckles, drill bits, cutting blades and taps and dies.

Repair kits will be sent out for most ratchet wrenches. High value items may be repaired and returned rather than replaced.


Lifetime replacement parts guarantee on our Extra-Heavy-Duty SG Iron Professional Mechanic’s Vices.

5-Year replacement parts warranty on our All-Steel Vices.

2-Year replacement parts warranty on Economy versions.


Arc & MIG Welders

3-Year parts and labour guarantee on main power transformer of Arc and MIG Welders.

Premier Air Tools

2-Year parts and labour guarantee on Premier Air Tools.

Premier Electric Power Tools

2-Year parts and 3-Year labour guarantee on Premier Electric Power Tools.

Heavy-Duty Sack Trucks

3-Year parts and labour guarantee on our Heavy-Duty range of Sack Trucks.

Excludes wheels.

Tyre Inflators

3-Year parts and labour guarantee on SA37/93B and SA37/96B.

2-Year parts and labour guarantee on SA37/93, SA37/94, SA37/95, SA390 and SA394.

1-Year parts and labour guarantee for all other models.


2-Year replacement guarantee on SCW2, 3, 4 and 5 series Castors.

1-Year replacement guarantee for all other models.

Please note that guarantee claims must be made via the place of purchase where you may need to provide proof of purchase.