Pressure washers Buying Guide

The Sealey Buying Guide to Pressure Washing

How does a pressure washer work?

Pressure washers have a motor which is powered by either mains electric, a petrol engine or a battery. This then powers a pump which pressurises the water. When the lance is depressed, the pressure is released. The power of each model is defined by the pressure of the water expelled (measured in bar or psi), the rate of water flow (measured in litres per hour) and motor power (measured in watts, or horsepower if petrol/diesel operated). When compared to using a standard garden hose to complete the same jobs, pressure washers help speed up tasks and reduce your water usage.

What size pressure washer do I need?

Pressure washers are usually defined by their application: domestic, professional, or industrial. Pressure achieved by these machines can differ greatly, but each type is fit for purpose. Look at both the pressure and the flow rate of the unit when deciding which model to buy. Concentrate on choosing a pressure washer with the best combination of the two for your needs. For light domestic use, a pressure washer with 100bar pressure and 300L/hr flow rate should be sufficient. For professional applications, which require longer run times and tackle heavier-duty tasks, a higher bar rating is needed and an induction motor is beneficial. These are quieter to run and have a longer life span.

Which power supply should I choose?

Most pressure washers are electric powered. Ensure your power socket or outdoor extension lead is protected by a residual current device (RCD). Petrol or diesel-powered pressure washers are ideal if you have no access to a power supply. They also tend to be higher powered and remove the risk from trailing power cables.

Which pressure washer is right for me?

With so many models available, it can be difficult to decide which pressure washer best suits your needs. To choose the pressure and flow you need, first think about what you will be cleaning, and how often, as well as how dirty it will get. Higher pressure models are more suited to cleaning stubborn dirt and harder surfaces, whereas a high flow rate indicates its performance when rinsing. If you need a high-pressure machine, but also wish to use it for tasks requiring a lower pressure look for a model which offers variable pressure or a soft cleaning mode, such as our PWTF2200. Soft cleaning still uses a higher pressure than a standard hose, but it allows you to dislodge contaminants without damaging the surface.

It is also useful to consider the following features when selecting your pressure washer:

Hose Length: Check the length supplied with the pressure washer is suitable for the jobs you’ll be tackling most often.

Integrated Storage: Not only will it keep the unit clutter-free, it improves mobility and ensures accessories are always at hand.

Automatic Total Stop System (TSS): This switches the motor on and off when the trigger is operated, prolonging motor life.

Detergent Tanks & Systems: Using the right detergent makes the cleaning process quicker and easier. Our PW1850SNAKIT is supplied with our snow foam sprayer which, when used with our snow foam shampoo, allows a longer dwell time to break down dirt and soiling. The non wax stripping shampoo is easy to rinse, providing a streak-free finish.

Nozzles: A turbo nozzle increases the flow pressure, increasing its effectiveness in removing tough grime and providing precision cleaning. Look out for our Rotablast® logo on models supplied with this type of nozzle.

To make the most of your pressure washer, look for accessories designed to help with different cleaning tasks.

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Ø150mm Rotary Brush

Model No. PWA04

The inner brush is propelled via water flow while the fixed brush on the outside prevents excess water spray.

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Floor Brush with Detergent Tank

Model No. PWA05

Three nozzles in base of broom give a larger cleaning area than a standard single nozzle, while a flexible squeegee removes excess water and dirt away whilst still in use.

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Premier Snow Foam Sprayer


This thick rich cleaning snow foam will allow longer dwell time to break down dirt and soiling. Non-wax stripping, PH neutral, easy rinse for a streak-free finish. Perfect for car detailing, suitable for all paint surfaces including ceramic coated.