Spray Guns

Introducing our NEW range of professional Gravity Feed Spray Guns. Each model features air and paint flow controls for the fine adjustment of spray patterns. Benefitting from solvent resistant component technology and precision-engineered, they provide consistent and unrivalled results. The best quality components such as brass air caps, stainless steel needles and nozzles are used. Each version is designed to produce a range of professional results, for example; blowing-in small areas of a panel where the fine control of paint and air is necessary. Our standard pressure model produces a flat and smooth fan pattern, perfect for the ultimate clear finishing coat. All our spray guns are supported with various air cap sizes for alternative set-ups. Peace of mind with the additional benefit of a full spare parts back-up service and 1-year warranty.

Model No. LVLP01
LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun 1.4mm Set-Up.

Model No. SP01
SP Gravity Feed Spray Gun 1.4mm Set-Up.

Model No. HVLP04
HVLP Gravity Feed Touch-Up Spray Gun 1mm Set-Up.

Model No. HVLP01
HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun 1.4mm Set-Up.

Features & Benefits

Precision Engineered with Solvent Resistant Component Technology.

Airflow Control

Paint Flow Control

Fan Control

Solvent Resistant Components

Spray Guns Explained

Conventional Spray Guns

Conventional Air Caps utilise air pressure that is supplied to the gun.

Thicker paint material can be atomised by increasing the pressure and atomisation can be higher than HVLP. The drawback is that transfer efficiency is significantly reduced to around 35 percent which results in extra